About TeamTravels

TeamTravels is a travel blog open to anyone wishing to share his experience and tips.

Heck, there’s already so many websites which do so!


So what will make TeamTravels different? You!

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we need you, fellow traveler, to help animate the website with content, pictures, anecdotes, advice, critics, secret off the beaten track tips, personalized maps, etc, etc…


If you want to be part of the Team and start writing your own posts or help complete others, hurray!

And welcome to the Team!

You will definitely meet with the pleasure of rediscovering your pictures and remembering the times and feelings each of your travels procured.


You may also simply comment a post, follow TeamTravels or even share it to your friends on your favorite social network, any contribution is more than welcome.

About the founder

My name is Tim.
After having been to many places, I wished to start recording my memories and many pictures somewhere, as in a journal.
But then, I thought if my experiences could help others, the better it was.

I usually travel with a team of friends, thus, let’s make this team worldwide and all share our experiences within The Team!


So please register and/or contact us at contribute@teamtravels.world so we can get in touch!



PS: this site is and will be looking to grow as best and fast as can be. If you wish to help on this process, feel free to tell us, we’d be glad to find you a role in this adventure.

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