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Whilst willing to write your best new post on the destination you just came home from, you stumble upon this blank page and don’t know where to start nor what to start with.

Here are a few tips on how to get started.


  • the best way to start is toflick through your pictures and choose which ones you will put in your post.

It will let you go through your memories of your whole trip and take a step back on the different places you’ve seen.

(Take advantage of this time to sort your pictures and delete all those blurry uninteresting ones).


  • start writing your pratical advice to the newcomer of this place, while putting yourself in his shoes:

– how did I manage upon arrival at the airport / train station / border?

– where did I find my hotel?

– which restaurants were good?

– how was the driving experience?

– how did I get out of the town?

– etc…

  • write an introduction talking about your global sensation on this particular place, and think about what you’ll say in each Must do, Nice to do, etc… sections, by giving titles to your sub-paragraphs for example.


Once you’ve done this, you will notice you are already starting to write all this information you stored in your head and building the outlines of your, and it flows down quite easily.


  • After that, add your pictures to your different sections, and then write a few lines, not necessarely too many, giving your personal feelings about the different places.


Writing a full post is quite a long process, which can take a few days.
Don’t hesitate to take a break, save a draft, and come back in a day or two to populate new information and post your pictures.


Also, don’t forget to follow the simple writing rules which will harmonize TeamTravels for the whole community.



Thank you from The Team.

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