Blyde Canyon, Pilgrims Rest & Graskop

Three Rondavels



The main attraction in the area, these are three round shaped mountains in a dramatic surronding.

Notice the other rock formations arround, with their many colors!

Down beneath, you will spot the Blyde river flowing into a dam, creating a nice scenery.

Try to get there at sunrise or sunset for the best lightings.


Bourke’s Luck Potholes & Trail

Another main stop, not to be missed.

The river has formed, through the ages, many holes in the shape of kitchen pots in the rocks surronding it. Very interesting.





The hiking trail offered towards the Canyon is for the willing.

It lasts about 5 hours. We didn’t go all the way to the end…

It starts behind the potholes, for an hour of flat walk following the canyon at a short distance. No trees to shade under.

Then, sundenly, the trail enters a forest, descending at a steep rate!

It is pretty challenging, more so under the blazing sun. Unfortunately, you don’t get that many views on the way. The first flat part leads you at a certain distance of the canyon, and, in the forest part, the trees block your sight 95% of the time, and you have to look at the ground, the path being difficult.

And, at the end, you have to walk all the way back up…

We were quite disappointed by this walk.
Don’t forget to register (and pay the 50R pp fee), at the information center.


God’s View



Coming from Graskop, this is a quick first stop for neat views on the beginning of the Canyon.

There is several viewpoints, basically all in the same directions, some higher, some lower. You will also go through what they call a wild forest, really tiny, but cute.


Pilgrim’s Rest


An old gold digger’s village, restored for tourists, the only people left.

It is divided in two areas, logically named uptown and downtown. Both areas are separated about a mile from one another. They offer restaurants, museums and souvenirs along the one street.

A must do in the guide books. Well, we must say, here at TeamTravels, we disagree.

Let’s call it a good place to stop for lunch, some of them looking actually pretty good.

If you wish to sleep there, brace yourself for unexpectedly steep prices.

Better staying in Graskop, for cheaper prices and somewhat of a normal life.

Graskop & Phalaborwa


Two cities good to sleep at.

In Graskop, you’ll find a Spar for some shopping, many restaurants and coffee shops.

From Phalaborwa, a much bigger town, you have access to the Kruger Park in just a few minutes.

There, you’ll easily find B&Bs, a big Spar, and a few restaurants, like the Buffalo pub & grill.

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