Fort Portal – Crater Lakes & Chimp’s Nest

Uganda Fort Portal Crater Lake Nkuruba
Center map

Crater lakes


Fort Portal is a relatively small town, but the main entry point to the west part of the country from Kampala. There’s not much interesting to do, actually even the fort is gone, and low quality lodging and food.


Moving on, the local main attraction are the crater lakes, around 65 of them!

They are at walking distance of one another, and you’ll be able to get a map where you are staying.


The most famous one is Lake Nkuruba. There is a view point, the “Top of the World”, from which you can view the surronding five lakes. The rapidly changing weather gave it an amazing atmosphere.

There were also construction going on there, so now there might even be a coffee house or something.


The Nkuruba Nature Reserve Community Center will greet you in very nice huts, and makes a great chilling place with nice views from the top of the hill it is sitting on.

Food is supplied at the outside restaurant, and you can probably find someone to show you around.

You may also continue your journey by foot to another lake, or hire a guide for a small tour in the local “jungle”.


Chimp’s Nest


On the border of Kibale forest, in the middle of the trees and swamps, lies Chimp’s Nest, an original lodge with treehouses and on the water houses. There are also cottages and a camp grounds. A great place to chill after a walk in the rainforest, which has interesting wildlife to spot.


How to get there

The road from Kampala┬áto Fort Portal took us 5 bumpy hours, but constructions were going on, so now it’s probably better.

Local taxis or car owners will take you for the last leg to the lakes region.

Ask for the community camp. And beware, our driver tried to ask us for a whopping sum just to get up the tiny hill entering the camp. Turned out he didn’t even manage it, his wheels rotating endlessly in the mud, and the camp is literally right there…


To get to Kibale forest, we actually walked for 5km, following the red-dirt road and through villages full of children excited to see you. To get to Chimp’s Nest, we then drove through the forest in a local’s car.

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