Kakamega Forest

Kenya Kakamega forest guest house
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A quick post to talk about this surprise on the way to Uganda that was the Kakamega forest.


Not the exceptional wild or pristine jungle you might imagine, pretty low key, but the area makes a great place for a break in your trip.


You’ll easily find a guide to show you around the forest for an afternoon walk.


But the best part of it was the Forest rest house, in the Isecheno area. It is totally wooden and perched on stilts several meters above the ground. Surrounded by trees, you’ll love chilling out on the porch and read a book or plan your next move.

No electricity, so you’ll be provided an oil lamp, cold water in an iron bathtub, and they offer to serve bottled drinks (non chilled, obviously).

And the rooms are very correct!

Also, eating places are just about inexistent, the one place being held by a local villager. She’ll take your order early in the day, to serve you what ever she managed to get her hands on in the evening. Don’t expect to get what you ordered, that is!

Again, you’ll have to eat at the light of your oil-lamp, in complete darkness, surrounded with live chicken (and chicks) at your feet.


All in all, a very athmospheric place!



How to get there?

Get hold of a taxi-bike in Kakamega town.

Next to it was also what looked like much more luxurious accomodation in traditional bungalows covered with straw.
It was not receiving any guests when we were there, but it looked nice also.

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