Lake Bunyonyi – Byoona Amagara

Uganda Lake Bunyonyi hilltop
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Ten kilometers and a tree trunk canoë ride away from Kabale, near the Rwandan boarder, lie Lake Bunyonyi’s 29 islands, hosting villages, schools and lodges.

We went to Byoona Amagara, which’s main attraction are the dome rooms, opening directly on a terrace with view on the see and stars at night.

There’s also a common lounge, with food-menu and wine (!), and a library where you can borrow books during your stay. Of course, there’s access to the lake to chill and bath.

You can also borrow canoës to do your own little tour on the lake. Beware, they’re basically tree-trunks, and it’s pretty tricky to maneuver. You’ll probably circle alot…

Take advantage of your canoë to visit the island right next to this one, which hosts a church and has been turned into a boarding school. The kids will be glad to show you around and explain it all to you.

You’ll probably meet locals rowing the lake too. Know that most don’t know how to swim! Although this might be changing, with teachers coming to learn kids in safeguarded pools.

Also, try to walk up a hill from the main land, you’ll get a great view from the top.


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How to get there

Take bodas from Kabale to Rutindo jetty (or walk, if you feel like making a day out of it). There’s also many choices here for lodging.

Then hire a canoë to the Itambira island, on which is located Byoona Amagara.

Your travel options: tree-trunk canoë, with either only the “captain” rowing, or, for a cheaper fare, you help him. If you want it quick, motorboats are also available.

It’s a pretty long ride, about an hour rowing, so take that in count, it gets a little tiring.

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