India Ladakh Lamayuru Monastery down
Center map

Half way between Leh and Kargil lies Lamayuru, its impressive monastery sitting on a hill, one of the oldest of the region, as well as the out-of-a-space Moonland, big yellow fluctuant sand & rock formation that seems to be coming down from another planet. It is located 1km away on the road towards Leh, you can’t miss it.

The very lively Tharpaling Guesthouse and restaurant owner will literally spring from her place to greet you upon arrival, but as she is a very resourceful and helpful woman, it is quite welcome. She even offered to keep our bags while we were trekking.

Many other places are also available in the village.

A daily bus stops by between 9am and 11 am, both ways, stopping in several places in town, as well as in front of the Tharpaling.

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