Road from Manali

16 hour long drive on a jeep, this impressive road goes through the Rothang Pass and is known for the breathtaking everchanging landscape. Don’t miss it if you’re on a long trip in India.

Pangong Tso

Cristal blue waters reflecting the surronding mountains, it is one of the main attractions in Ladakh. You’ll need an innerline permit to go there.

Allow two days for the round trip, this way you’ll be able to catch the sunset, the sunrise, or both.

Zanskar part 2

Further on from Rangdum, courageous fellows will go for another full day drive, going through the Pensi La all the way to Padum, from where you’ll be able to visit the Phuktal monastery, for a very remote spiritual experience.

Other Treks

Many treks of various level of difficulty are available in Ladakh.

Here’s a rough list of what I got hold of in terms of information.

Tourguides are always recommended, especially for beginners. But, as you have read, you can also manage to do some trekking on your own, and we did meet quite a few people doing so.

  • The Markha Valley:
    The most touristy one. And for a good reason, as it is not too difficult, with only one pass on the last leg, starting from Nimaling.
    You’ll find places to stay at at each stop, all a day’s trekking apart, theoritically abling you to go without a guide.
    But, we were often told that there were too many tourists, and that, when worst comes to worst, groups had to send a pathfinder earlier in the morning to secure a place to stay at the next stop. Not so appealing.
  • Lamayuru to Chilling, going up the passes:
    We followed that trek for a good part of our own trek. We were told that, in order to go up the passes, you needed to bring your own gear, food and tents, as there is only a campgrounds in Sumda Chenmo, between the two passes. We were not up for that.
  • Around Likir, the “baby trek”:
    About 2 days, mostly through villages, with less spectacular scenery. Good for people who don’t feel like walking so much.
  • Lamayuru to Padum, the traditional path to Zanskar:
    Strenuous 12 day trek up the Zanskar range, only for experts. In the winter, you’ll walk on the icy rivers, as the villagers used to do, and, as I read somewhere, still the kids going back to school.
  • Padum down to Darsha:
    Another 10 days, started in Lamayuru for the maniacs, this downwards trek will allow you to catch transportation back to Manali, mainly hitchhiking.
  • And many, many other treks…

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