Royal Natal National Park

Center map

In the Drakensberg range, on the East of Lesotho, lie many parks for the benefit of the visitors.

Royal Natal is one of them, famous for its amphitheatre.



We did two hikes in the park:

  • Thukela gorge, the main trail, towards the amphitheatre. About 5 hours (3 hours in, 2 hours back the same way), following the river, no difficulties. You don’t actually go all way to the amphitheatre, but closer, with interesting rock formations on the way and, in the summer, the Thukela fall as a reward at the end of the path.
  • Tiger falls and Cascades trails, 3 hours, a little more challenging, as it ascends quite steeply. But nonetheless rewarding, again moreso in the summer, when the falls would be at full blast.


Where to sleep

The park is pretty small, but there a camp inside, actually divided in an upper and lower camp, both with premium views on the amphitheatre itself. Each bungalows has its own kitchen, terrace and fireplace. Don’t forget to buy wood from the tiny shop. Beware, it doesn’t sell any food (or at least nothing fancy, merely canned goods and beer, which can come in handy), and closes very early, so bring your own.

There are also many places to stay at near the park. We stayed at the Amphitheatre Backpackers, well publicized, with a good atmosphere and great food and bar.

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