Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda Rwenzori Mountains clouds
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Close de Kasese, at the border with Congo – RDC, lay the Rwenzori Mountains, a trekker’s paradise.

Expert walkers can go on a 6 day trek all the way up to Mt Stanley, more than 5000m high.

As we are not one of those, we went for a two day / one night trek starting from Nyakalengija, offering views on the highest mountains, and even some permanent snow. We didn’t even actually go in the park itself, having no equipment whatsoever and being not prepared for a long trek. Which also allowed us to avoid any formalities.

The walk up is a little physical, but the reward were the great views, the campfire and simple dinner upon arrival at the top (after darktime!), and the sunrise the next morning. You’ll also encounter many types of trees, sometimes a little rainforesty.

Nyakalengija is a lush village, and people have a very community type life. An impressive water system runs from the river to the village, which means maintenance is taken care of.

The Turaco owner was very keen on feedback, so we had a sort of ceremonial talk with him when we got back, which was interesting.


How to get there

You will reach Nyakalengija by boda-boda (motorbike) from Ibanda, which is accessible by matatu (minibus), an hour away from Kasese.

We went on the trek with Turaco Camp, which is further on from Ruboni, but felt more family run.


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