Sipi Falls

Uganda Sipi Falls Main fall
Center map


The Sipi falls are a group a 3 falls most impressive in size. They are located right next to Mount Elgon National Park, 40km away from Mbale.

Once again, you will easily find a tour guide around more than happy to show you the way through the coffee plantationsĀ and more.

He’ll probably be nice enough to become your friend and take you out to the local bar in the evening. We went with a staff memberĀ of our camp, Juma, very friendly.

The village holds several lodges, more or less luxurious. Try and get coffee at the Lacam Lodge, from where you get a great view on the valley and the main fall.



Upon arrival, we very rapidly found Mose’s camp.
Like several other more or less luxurious options, the camp is composed of a few traditional huts, each of them holding 3 beds.
The place is very green, and sits at the edge of a cliff, giving you breathtaking views on the valley and one of the falls.

There is a great lounge space, and a wooden terrace with a hamac made of ropes, obviously hand-made.

The showers are walled by bamboo sticks, and the water comes out a pouch bag, allowing it to heat during the day.

Very recommended, a great place to chill, even when it starts pouring rain for several hours, adds to the atmosphere.

Food is scarce, so be sure to order early.


This is where we met Juma, who toured us around the falls.

Contact him here for information:


How to get there

We took a taxi from Mbale up to the crossing point with the road to the falls, and got up on a … truck for the rest of the road from there on.

It seems to be the best way to get there, as the truck was loaded with many guys coming home from town and/or work.
Real fun, as everybody is very friendly.

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