Ssese Islands – Banda Island

Uganda Banda Island beach
Center map


The Ssese Islands are a small archipelago off the coast of Entebbe.

The main island is Buggala, where there is lodgings and which you can reach on a ferry. This is easy enough, I’ll let you go on find for yourself on the internet.

The fun place to go to is not Buggala (although there must be interesting things to do there also) but Banda Island.

The guest house there was built by “King Dominic”, now passed, but is kept on by his friends. Used to be legendary for its dude chilliness, if you see what I mean.

Main activity is… no activity!

The castle will welcome you for meals, as well as the big backgammon table outside (yes, there is a backgammon board encarved in it, and the checkers are available).

The rooms are confortable, with mosquito nets, opening on the beach, on which you can play volley-ball thanks to the net.

You can stay as long as you want, and the price includes full board fresh meals (from the sea) and water (not from the sea).


How to get there

We took two boats, starting from Kasenyi “market”, near Entebbe.

Watch out and call the owners to enquire the rates. The guys over there are fearce negociators.

We had actually paid for the two boats to the first boat’s manager, a rookie mistake, since the second boat’s manager never saw the color of it. We therefore had to pay him also, naturally.

But then you arrive right on the beach, kick back and enjoy the place, with nothing to take care of.

Going back, we took a boat to Buggala, from where we took the ferry.

Check the Banda Island website for more info.

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