The Wild Coast

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The famous Wild Coast, the 300km stretch of coast from Port Saint Johns to East London, is know for its pristine beaches and untouched nature. The main reason for this bit of coast to be so well preserved is the fact that there is no road along the coast.

Therefore, access to the coast is not as easy as it looks and, unless you have a lot of time in front of you, you will probably have to select your stops.


Coffee Bay



A surfer’s destination, known for its beach and many party backpackers accomodations.

Don’t be rebuked by it if you’re not in the party mood, as what will mainly attract you in Coffee Bay is the amazing walk from the Bay to The Hole in the Wall, a cliffy rock with, you would’ve guessed, a hole.

Your path will meet beautiful rock formations, as well as the Baby Wall (you’ll understand when you see it), several beaches, surrounded by cliffs and more. We were lucky enough to spot dolphins!
Count a good 3-4 hours to walk the whole strech, one way.

For people looking for a more up-end place to stay at, there is a big and magnificent resort right next to the Hole in the Wall. It is also a good place to have a drink before heading back to Coffee Bay. Not to be negative, but the food ain’t top notch at the restaurant.


Morgan’s Bay



Closer to East London, Morgan’s Bay feels more like a local’s holiday residences town, nonetheless possessing a long strech of beautiful sand beach.

The road following the coast will lead you to a tiny crique, cute.

Also, unexpectedly, at the Yellowwood Forests stands a hippie style café, with outside tables in the nature and a small curio shop, very agreable for lunch or a craft beer.
Morgan’s Bay, as well as Kei Mouth, are both well accessible from the main road.

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