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Far south in the state, Udaïpur spreads around the restful Lake Pichola, giving it its famous romantic atmosphere. Imagine staying at the Jag Mandir Hotel in the middle of the lake, just like James Bond in his time, and circling around the lake on a little boat.

You will also appreciate walking around town, visiting the City Palace, touring the bazaar shops and markets, and watching the people washing their laundry (or yours!) at the nearby ghats.
All in all, you can easily spend a few days here, relaxing and enjoying the relative calmness from your hotel rooftop with view on the lake and strolling around town to get to know all its secret passageways.


Where to stay and eat

This will sound like we’re directly quoting from well known guide book (LP &/or RG!), but we arrived there by chance, the tuk-tuk driver telling us to go there, as he heard us speaking French, and the manager, Céline, is from our country (at least at the time of writing).

Still, we are recommending this place: The Dream Heaven Havali. The rooftop is amazing, with a matrasses and cushions area, the food is nice, and the service, hence, à la française. Rooms are good quality, and we got a pretty good bargain.
We also ate at the Queen Café, following Céline’s advice. The pumkin-spice soup spécialité is amazing, and the place is family owned and managed. Once again, turns out they’re in LP, the daughter proudly tought us. But still, they’re good!

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